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Mahjong for Casino Marketing
Try at your property?

Mahjong for Casino Marketing

Mahjong, it's the most popular game in Asia.
Having mahjong tournaments at your property to attract more Asian players' foot traffic. 
This is a proven method which has been used at The Star casino and other clubs in Sydney, Australia, for more than ten years. 

Right now, 600+ players are gathering to play mahjong tournaments daily at the Star casino in Sydney, 4 times a week. That's 24,000 players weekly! 

How Many Players 
come in to your casino  
on weekdays?
If it's less than 500 players,
If you want to fill your casino with players during a daytime with more Asian players,
If you want them to come in your slow time, please contact us!
Are you thinking about giving something back to the community as corporate responsibility? 
Yet, still beneficial 
to your business,

This is an unprecedented method of casino marketing. 

From the land of down under,

we are landing on the U.S. market now.

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