Is your mask smart? LG's breathable mask is here to brag.

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

[photo: LG]

As COVID-19 continues to stay withing our lives, not only in the U.S. but elsewhere on earth. Masks have become a must-wear item just like the underwear (optional for you?)

  • We’ve seen masks that are cheap.

  • Masks that are reusable and easy to sterilize.

  • even masks that let you drink.

LG has just announced the PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier, a new mask that solves one of the biggest problems in any mask, which is the ability to breathe effortlessly.

  • tiny,

  • battery-powered

  • HEPA filter

[Photo: LG]

N95 mask from 3M is all depends on your manual labor

  • a molded piece of polymer

  • it relies on the power of your lungs to suck air in and out through its filter

  • hot

The PuriCare

  • promises “effortless” breathing

  • still protecting you from airborne virus particles

How does the PuriCare mask work?

  • Onboard sensors track the cadence and volume of your breath

  • These sensors control two fans, which speed up to suck air in through its small HEPA filters as you inhale, and slow down to get out of the way as you exhale.

  • With its rechargeable built-in battery, the mask can operate for up to eight hours of low-level breathing assistance or two hours of higher-level breathing assistance.

[Photo: LG]

a UV-sterilizing carrying case

  • automatically cleans the mask between uses.