2019 Mahjong Masters Championship Series in Sydney has been confirmed the date. April 21-24, 2019.

I am proud to announce the 2019 Mahjong Masters Championship Series which will be held at The Star Event Centre, Sydney.

The date is April 21st, 2019, Sunday, until 24th, Thursday.

There will be a total of 9 tournaments held this year with a guaranteed combined prize pool of $150,000.

The tournament, it will be anticipated having more than 300 players in the main event, Mahjong Masters, this year, the prize total is going to be $100,000 guaranteed for the Masters.

This tournament is designed to bring the finest mahjong players in Australia and from around the world. After World Series of Mahjong is not having a future tournament (as of right now), This will be the biggest and most exciting mahjong tournament in the world

Mahjong Masters Tournament in Sydney, Australia 2019
Masters 2019 Schedule

Based on our effort to successfully promote The Mahjong Masters Championship Series internationally for the last several years, Mahjong Australia has become one of the synonyms in the world of mahjong tournaments. Again this year, we will invite a limited number of foreign players to participate in this 4 day championship series to battle against Australia’s best mahjong players who prestigiously qualify for these events by winning a Mahjong Australia qualifying tournament at The Star.
As for invited international players, we will waive that qualification. However, you must pre-register with Mahjong Australia’s Japan office and will be charged AU$550 for administration and service charges (*) to them. This year, there will be a tour package offered by HIS Tours for those who wish to come from other countries to play the Series.  We would like to thank all our members for playing in the best mahjong league in the world and making the series such a success. We wish you all the best in the $150,000 Mahjong Masters Tournament Series in 2019.
Let’s play Mahjong!    
(* the fees collected from foreign players are NOT the entry fees to any championship tournament, and will NOT go directly to Mahjong Australia, all overseas players must register with Japan office @ Japan@mahjongaustralia.com.au
We wish you all the best in the main event. "Team Mahjong Australia"

If you are mahjong players from the U.S., and interesting to participate next year's Mahjong Masters in Sydney, please send us an e-mail (japan@mahjongaustralia.com.au) or register here at https://www.igsofamerica.com/registration. Any payments made through the website is fully refundable until April 1st, 2019. There are only a few seats available for the international players. First come, first serve.